The Windmill @ NGLA

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The National Golf Links of America was the first truly great course in the US and bought with it the start of golfs “Golden Age”…the period which ended with the great depression and saw the construction of well over half the worlds greatest courses. The story goes that one of the early members (Daniel Pomeroy) suggested a windmill might look good somewhere on the site. Course designer and father of golf in America, CB Macdonald complied, but upon completion passed the bill to Pomeroy. Point taken!

Irrespective the windmill is the most iconic feature at NGLA – more so than any of its glorious holes – and is one of the most recognisable features in American golf.

My first attempt at this painting had the windmill in the background of a larger scene which focussed more on the 16th hole but it didn’t do it justice so I had another go, turning it into a portrait style and painting just the building. I was very happy how this simple piece turned out…especially the rich red tones in the bottom third and the shadows which helped give it some life.

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